Try before you buy

For your convenience, we offer a 10-day trial period for bocals. You may try up to 8 bocals at once.

Please schedule your trial during a period when you will have time to try the bocals and play them for teachers or colleagues or in certain playing situations. To start a trial, please complete the form and submit it.



Once your request for trial has been received and approved, you will receive an email invoice from Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds. The invoice is for the shipping and insurance of the bocals to your designated address.


All bocals are shipped via FedEx. Please allow 48 hours for processing after your trial request has been approved. We will send you the tracking number of the package when it goes out. Once you RECEIVE the bocals, you will have 10 days to make a decision. This is ample time for most people. If you find that you need more time, please call us to discuss it and see if we can extend your trial.

After trial

Once you select a bocal, contact our office with your order number and the payment information. You may pay by check, money, order, or credit card.

Returning the unwanted bocals

You are responsible for shipping the remaining bocals back to Nielsen, insured for the full value, via FedEx or UPS. Once you have a tracking number for the return bocals, please notify us via email of the tracking number and the carrier. Bocals should be packed securely in the packages that they came. Bocals should be insured for their full value. If you choose not to insure them, you are responsible if any damage occurs during shipping.

Bocal Damages during trial

Customers are responsible for the full replacement cost if any damage occurs to the bocals while in their possession.


To start your bocal trial, please complete the form below. Please allow 2 business days for processing your order.


Bocal Request Form




Heckel, Fox, and Yamaha Bassoon Bocals that you would like to try 0 / 8
B-0 BD-1 BD-2 C-0 C-1
C-1 XL C-2 C-2 XL C-3 CC-0
CC-1 CC-1 XL CC-2 CC-2 XL CC-3
CD-0 CD-1 CD-1 XL CD-2 CD-2 XL
CD-3 CE-1 CE-2 CE-3 CDE-0
CCE-2 CCE-3 VBD-2 VBD-3 VC-1
VC-2 VC-3 VCC-0 VCC-1 VCC-2
VCDE-1 VCDE-2 VCDE-3 C-1 Goldbronze C-1 XL Goldbronze
C-2 Goldbronze C-2 XL Goldbronze CD-1 Goldbronze CD-1 XL Goldbronze CD-2 Goldbronze
CD-2 XL Goldbronze CDE-1 Goldbronze VC-1 Goldbronze VC-2 Goldbronze VCD-1 Goldbronze
VCD-2 Goldbronze C-1 Contra C-2 Contra C-3 Contra Fox CVC 1
Fox CVC 2 Fox CVC 3 Fox CVX 1 Fox CVX 2 Fox CVX 3
Fox CTC 2 Yamaha Hamilton Plate 1 Yamaha Hamilton Plate 2 Yamaha Nickel Silver 1 Yamaha Nickel Silver 2


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